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Kevin Nicholson - Triathlon Coach




Kia Kaha coaching is a full online coaching service that will help you to achieve your goals, whether it’s to compete or complete across any distance in triathlon or duathlon.

Over the years as an athlete and coach Kevin Nicholson has learnt that competition is not always about winning, but rather the pursuit of excellence within each of us. “Be the Warrior within,” means to be the best you can by showing courage, strength, and determination. These are key characteristics for not only a Warrior, but for anybody looking to achieve their personal goals in sport and life in general.

With Kia Kaha coaching you will receive full support, tools, and an individualised training programme that fits your level of ability, goals, and lifestyle – work, family and yes, even social commitments.

Training plans are only one of the critical success factors. Your body composition and general, training, and recovery nutrition also need to be considered. Kia Kaha coaching can review this with you and provide a plan that fits in with your training and goals, therefore removing all the guesswork for you.

Finally, the execution of the training plan is where many people get it wrong.  With Kia Kaha coaching you can receive daily feedback, advice, resources, and tools, to help you execute your training to plan in pursuit of personal excellence.

Contact Kevin Nicholson to discuss how Kia Kaha coaching can assist you to achieve your goals.

Email: kevin@kiakahacoaching.com

Phone: 021 701 071

Kevin Nicholson – Coach and Triathlete